Seamless digital experience for customers filing insurance claims. Enable your insurance app with the power of AI.



ENOL.AI is a mobile SDK that can easily be integrated on any insurance iOS and Android mobile applications With ENOL.AI, you can provide your Motor insurance customers with a seamless digital experience when processing their claims Powered by the latest AI technology. ENOL.AI does the first notification of loss and facilitates easy communication between the customer and the insurer. A friendly chatbot helps the user navigate the user through the claims process and the AI camera app helps automatic capture of the information required to process the accident claim.

How it works

  • Any Insurance mobile app can invoke ENOL.AI SDK at the point when a customer is reporting a claim.

  • A Chatbot collects information including the exact location.

  • The customer can indicate the details of how the accident occurred by selecting from a wide array of options.

  • ENOL.AI has the ability to identify a fault claim from a non-fault claim and adjust the conversation flow accordingly.

  • The AI camera application guides the user and automatically snaps pictures of the accident and its impact.

  • ENOL.AI can call any damage assessment framework with compliant pictures to receive an assessment of the damage.

  • ENOL. AI can also optionally configured to call a fraud assessment model to take a decision on the claim.
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    About us

    ENOL.AI is a product of Techvantage Systems (www.techvantagesystems.com), a AI products and services company based in India that focuses on building AI solutions for the BFSI industry

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    Thank you for your interest. We will be happy to demonstrate the platform to you. Kindly fill the form below. You can also email info@enol.ai from a corporate email address to set up a date and time. We respond with demo slots within 24 hours.